Silver napkin rings

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How about adding a little touch to this holiday’s table setting? I made these napkin rings to give my table a little custom touch. These are great to make with your kiddos as well. I love how they’re perfectly imperfect, which makes them easy to achieve by hand! I made these with air-dry clay but I think moving forward with clay projects, I’ll switch to oven-bake – so much quicker!

You will need:

modelling clay (either air-dry or oven-bake) 300g. package makes 4 napkin rings.
rolling pin or glass bottle
toilet paper roll or paper towel tube
fine sandpaper
acrylic paint
gloss varnish

Using a rolling pin or glass bottle, flatten out the log until it’s 5mm. thick.
Using a knife and ruler, cut out a rectangle (don’t worry about being exact).
Wrap the clay around a toilet paper roll and smooth out the clay at the seam.
Use your craft knife to cut all the way through the clay. The goal here is to have an even, flat edge, but don’t stress if it’s not perfect. Repeat on the bottom edge, removing excess clay as you go.
Let it dry (about 24 hours). If you are using oven-bale clay, follow the manufacturer’s instructions.

Once completely dry, remove the clay from the roll, take the sandpaper and smooth out any rough edges and bumps.
Paint the rings with white acrylic paint (you may need two coats).

Next, using a smaller paint brush start painting your pattern!

Once paint is dry, apply a coat of the gloss varnish. This is optional if you want to keep a completely matte look.
I hope you love your silver napkin rings as much as I do!

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