The UK’s largest grocers have all been under extreme demand during the spread of COVID-19 with delivery slots from Asda, Morrisons, Sainsbury’s and Tesco all sold out across most areas of the UK.

When are Morrisons delivery slots released?

The retailer has experienced some website issues and has now implemented a virtual queue in order to access its grocery shopping section.

The virtual queue takes more than an hour at present.

New delivery slots appear on the website when available.

Unfortunately, there are no further options or slots other than those shown online.

Morrisons has recently added Greater Manchester to its delivery area, so I decided to give it a try.
40 minutes later, my “trolley” was full of over £100 worth of groceries, I’d saved well over £27 and found everything I usually buy. I even snuck in a couple of treats – including some Stilton and Apricot Cheese from the Deli counter! I loved how easy the entire process was.

Prices in general were on par with Tesco, but there were some amazing offers, which saved us almost 20% compared to RRP’s. The “I’m Cheaper” prices are permanently lower prices – Morrisons recently dropped the price of lots of products, which made my pennies go even further.

I liked the fact it was 1 hour delivery slots – not 2 hours like other supermarkets. I had added loads of fresh fruit and veg, along with our usual weekly buys of bread, milk, etc.
I received a confirmation email shortly after I placed my order, containing an itemised statement of my shopping basket. I loved the way items were categorised – “cupboard, fridge and freezer” headers, and a list of corresponding items below each. This made it really easy for me to check I’d included everything. The email was clear, concise, and not full of banner ads for other products and services Morrisons offer – Another plus!

Our delivery slot was 7-8pm. At 7.08pm, the delivery van pulled up outside!
I loved the fact the bags were clearly labelled with “fridge, freezer and cupboard” – this made it really easy to make sure all the frozen stuff was put away first. All of the frozen food was still frozen solid, and the refrigerated items were well chilled. I can’t say the same for other supermarkets I’ve used previously.

Regular Morrisons shopper? A Delivery Pass will entitle you to free delivery anytime for specified periods. 

What is a Morrisons Delivery Pass?

Morrisons Delivery Pass allows you to shop online as often as you like without having to pay for delivery every time you checkout. All you have to do is choose the length of your delivery pass and when you want your deliveries.

1. Choose when you want your deliveries

Choose from either an anytime (7 day) pass or midweek (Tuesday – Thursday) pass. Once you choose a pass, you’re covered for all deliveries within the pass and you won’t have to pay extra in peak periods.

2. Choose the length of your delivery pass

Choose from either monthly, 6 month or annual pass

If your Delivery Pass ends up costing more than standard delivery charges, Morrisons say they will give you a refund.

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