Grumpy cat VS grumpy dog

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Grumpy Cat has been the reining meme king for quite some time, and now it’s a new era. A Pug in a little hoodie is trying to take his throne! His Name’s Gizmo And He’s Really Excited Inside!

So the final question is, who will win?

WIN Limited Edition Dog Treat Box, worth over £70!

What’s in the box?

Dazzling Donut Toy
Plush Bone Toy (squeaky)
Vivacious Venison Treats
Bottom Sniffer Dog Beer (alcohol free)
Lucious Lolipup (roast dinner flavour)
Dreamy Dog Biscuits (chicken & chedder)
Beco Giraffe
Barking Bakery Trio
Millie and Ruby Treat Pack

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Grumpy cat VS grumpy dog

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