diy wood serving tray

Easy DIY Serving Tray

Looking for a project to tackle this weekend? How about a DIY serving tray. It’s definitely a useful thing to have in any home.
I am soooo excited to share this DIY project with ya’ll! I had the awesome opportunity to try out the new acrylic paintings line of products by DecoArt that are currently available online at the Home Depot.

You will need:

Piece of  wide wood
Color of choice
Pencil, brash and Ruler
Drill and screwdriver
2 furniture pulls of choice
Decorative Paper
Mod Podge
jig saw


DIY Serving Tray

Step 1. Cut
Take a piece of wood, cut it to size if necessary.
DIY Serving Tray
Step 2. Paint or Decoupage
Now, it’s time to start painting the flowers, I have chosen to use oil paintings. If you want you could try a decoupage.
Decoupage: the basic technique.
Clean your wooden tray. If there is dust in the corners be sure to remove it as best as you can. We want the paper to adhere to the tray without any dirt getting in the way!
Using your measurements, cut or slice your decorative paper to the appropriate size. Make sure you see that it fits after you have your paper cut to size.
Using your paint brush, start applying the Mod Podge to your tray.
Tip: Layer it on fairly thin (we want to avoid bubbles!).
Carefully lay your paper on the tray and smooth it out with your fingers (paying extra attention to the edges). Let dry for 30 minutes. Once the first application dries apply a second coat.
I used a weatherproof varnish meant for painted surfaces, and can even be used outside. Apply 1-2 coats.
Easy DIY Serving Tray
Step 3. Place the handles
It will dry for at least 24 hours. I usually give my projects a few days to dry. Once the varnish was completely dry, I completed the final step. I marked the holes in the furniture pulls on the tray with a pencil.
I used the drill to start the holes and then placed the screws in each spot. There are so many types of handles you can choose!
diy wood serving tray
You are ready to serve up your tea and some snacks on your porch. All on your shiny new decoupage serving tray. Sweet tea anyone?

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