DIY Batman Fidget Spinner

Jul 25, 2017 | Art & Crafts | 0 comments

For this tutorial, i used a 3DSimo Mini. Of course, you can use any 3D pen you are comfortable with. If you don‘t own a 3D pen, check the reviews here.
The 3DSimo Mini, a small 3D printing pen that can melt plastic to create gorgeous sculptures and 3D drawings, burn designs into wood, cut foam cleanly, and even solder metal. There’s a lot that goes into using the 3DSimo properly. You have to adjust the temperature and speed to suit the material you’re using and the type of creation you want to make. If you’re creating a 3-dimensional sculpture, you’ll have to set the temperature low enough so that the plastic hardens quickly. Conversely, if you’re drawing on a flat surface, you’ll want the pen set hotter and faster, so you can move quickly. Once the settings are in place, you’re free to create whatever you want.
Unlike the traditional 3D printer which needs to be fed a virtual 3D model before the printing process can take place, the 3D drawing Pen is controlled by you, in such a way that you end up guiding the printer with you hand throughout the printing process.
Print the template on a sheet of paper. Track the lines of one continuous plane and fill it. Remove the finished plane when it has cooled down. Easy!
Check out the video below:

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